Welcome to AnimationMaker

AnimationMaker is a software designed to help you to quickly build presentation video which you can upload to youtube or vimeo. These presentation videos can be used as pitch videos for crowdfunding campains for example. It is also possible to create animated gifs and HTML animations. The idea for the AnimationMaker comes from Adobe Edge which is not available anymore.


AnimationMaker is a software to create animated presentations and export them to a movie, animated GIF, XML file or even a HTML animation.


Here are sample preview pictures of the AnimationMaker in action.

Introduction Video

I have created a small intro video so that you are able to see how the AnimationMaker works.

Sample GIF animation

The animation is based on FFMPEG.
This animation is based on the above animation (same code base).

Sample HTML animation

The animation is based on SVG and GSAP.

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Here you can download our latest release for Linux for free.

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